Johnston Press Unit, Portadown

Key facts

Client: Johnston Press PLC
Value: 3.25m
Architect: HPA Architecture Limited
M&E Consultants: Semple Mc Killop Limited
Structural Engineers: White Young Green
Contractor: Tracey Brothers Limited

Services Provided

  • Project Management


  • Commercial & Retail

2M Associates Limited were appointed as Project Managers to deliver a new extension to Johnston Press PLC's  existing Facility to comprise new press hall, new reel store and new extended publishing area.

The new extension houses a new printing press and trebled Johnston Press’ production capabilities at this site. The new reel store houses the increased storage required for the operation. The new extended publishing area houses increased level of equipment including specialist inserting equipment for magazines etc, thus expanding Johnston Press’s capabilities. A new ink store and compressor room were also constructed along with a new plant mezzanine floor for air handling to the new press hall. The site was also significantly modified to provide additional car parking and new large canopies to delivery and dispatch areas.

This was a very complex and highly technical project and it was critical that Johnston Press’s existing operation was maintained throughout the project. The project  team were required to co-ordinate equipment installation from the various client direct suppliers of press, reel handling equipment and publishing equipment and visits were undrtaken to other Johnston Press facilities in the UK to enable full understanding. In addition, fire separation between the new and existing buildings was critical, this being driven by Johnston Press’s insurers.

The integrated project team were highly praised due to the success of the project which was completed with minimal disruption and within programme and on budget.