Townscape Heritage Initiatives North West, Yorkshire & Humber

Key facts

Client: Heritage Lottery Fund
Value: 27 Million
Architect: Various
M&E Consultants: Various
Contractor: Various

Services Provided

  • Project Monitoring


  • Conservation

2M Associates Ltd has been providing Project Monitoring services to the Manchester and Leeds Offices of the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) since 2009 and in that time we have been appointed onto a number of Townscape Heritage Initiatives (THIs), where as Project Monitor, we have become the “eyes and ears” of the HLF at project level.

As Project Monitors, we undertake a structured review of each THI at pre-determined intervals and report upon:

  • Progress of all relevant THI Scheme activities against the approved programme
  • Scheme Expenditure (actual / forecast) against the budget
  • Proposed and actual changes to individual projects and the likely effects
  • Review of individual projects with respect to design, financial credibility and contractual correctness with recommendations to the HLF regarding their suitability for 3rd Party Grant Award.
  • Applications for Group quarterly finance draw down.

Examples of Townscape Heritage Initiatives currently being undertaken within the North West include:

  • Blackpool THI
  • Little Bolton THI
  • Central Barrow Gateway THI
  • Halifax THI

The majority of these THIs are almost complete and to date they have generated grants of £4.3Million on a capital works value of £27Million.

Over the past four years of the HLF framework, 2M Associates has provided Project Monitoring services to each of the THI Managers, providing guidance in the preparation of documentation including Conservation Deficits for individual grant requests, Progress Reports, Action Plans and Cash Flow Forecasts. We have regularly undertaken site reviews / visits to witness the progress of the THI towards their approved purposes and to ensure that good conservation practices are being adhered to. Now that these THIs are largely in their final stages, we are providing guidance to the THI Managers on the preparation and presentation of their final reports and evaluations.

As the eyes and ears of the HLF, we have formed excellent working relationships with the HLF Project Officers, informing them of progress and any issues that may arise as well as ensuring that each THI is delivered to its approved purposes as per the respective grant contracts. We have ensured that the risks to the HLF arising from the projects within the THIs are fully understood and managed and that best practice is achieved through sound financial and project management procedures.